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Professional Development and Training

Department for Education Training and Resources

Professional development and support to help schools develop their leadership, staff and curriculum, so they can improve their results and performance.

General Teaching Practice

Support, training and resources to help schools and individuals improve teaching practice and classroom management, as well as help with reducing teacher workload.

School Workload Reduction Toolkit

Get school-led support to use evidence to improve teaching practice

System Leadership

System leaders include teaching school hubs, teaching school, national leaders of education (NLEs), national leaders of governance (NLGs), local leaders of education (LLEs), specialist leaders of education (SLEs).

Pupil premium reviews: a guide for system leaders

Get school-to-school support from system leaders


Support available to schools and academy trusts to help them strengthen their governance, including the recruitment of governors and board members, professional development for governors and clerks to governing boards, and support from national leaders of governance.

Get help to recruit board members for large or growing MATs

Find volunteers to become school governors and trustees

External reviews of governance: what's involved

School Resource Management

Information, tools, training and guidance to help schools and multi-academy trusts with financial planning and resource management is also available at School resource management.