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Maths Hub - Year 5 to 8 Continuity Work Groups

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This event will take place between 9:00am and 3:00pm on 18/05/2022

NEHS Maths Hub

Free Work Group aimed at Primary and Secondary schools, where teachers from each phase (Yr5 - Yr8) work together.

Registration is now open for our fantastic Year 5-8 Continuity Work Groups. 

The aim of the group is to strengthen the transition from primary to secondary school by focusing on curriculum and pedagogical continuity over Years 5 to 8. Following the disruption to the education caused by the Covid crisis, the transition is more crucial than ever. Central to the Work Group is:

  • Promotion of cross phase communication between teachers, addressing issues of maths knowledge and learning transition as distinct from pastoral considerations.
  • A key feature will be understanding how best to prioritise key aspects of the curriculum to help ensure pupils have mastered the fundamental understanding and skills they need to underpin their progression through upper Key Stage 2 and into Key Stage 3.
  • We will be focusing on a strand that moves across the two Key Stages, e.g. Algebra, Multiplicative Reasoning.

There are two work groups to choose from

Group 1 at Kenyngton Manor Primary School, Sunbury

3 x Online Sessions 3.45-5.15pm: 12 January, 23 March and 22 June 2022

2 x face to face days in Sunbury: 9am - 3pm on 9 February and 18 May 2022

Group 2 at St Joseph's Primary School, Redhill

3 x Online Sessions 3.00 - 4.30pm: 12 January, 9 March and 16 June 2022

2 x face to face days in Redhill: 9am -3pm on 25 January and 22 April 2022.

Ideally, Primary and Secondary schools will attend as linked pairs or families together so do please liaise with your linked (feeder) Primary or Secondary school(s) before you apply.

Register here