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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Teaching School Hubs (TSHs) become the main providers of AB services

The ability to operate in the role of AB will be removed from LAs leading to an AB sector of predominantly teaching school hubs (TSHs). Local Authorities will no longer carry out this role.

Appropriate bodies (ABs) are organisations that have the main quality assurance role in statutory teacher induction. They ensure that early career teachers (ECTs) receive their statutory entitlements and that the support, assessment and guidance procedures in place are fair and appropriate.

In order to bring clearer accountability and greater consistency DfE will reform the AB sector so that Teaching School Hubs (TSHs) will become the main providers of AB services and local authorities will no longer carry out this role.

They are seeking views on the needs of the current AB sector and timeframe that would enable a successful transition to this new AB sector, and on the value of the formal assessment process during statutory teacher induction and the efficacy with which the AB roles and responsibilities are being carried out.

We encourage anyone with an interest in statutory teacher induction to read and respond to the consultation here.