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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Broadening the Bookshelf

Encouraging children to read for pleasure is a key part of a primary school teacher's work, but it is challenging, and relies on teachers having a broad knowledge of texts and authors. A new research project, called “Broadening the Bookshelf”, is looking at teachers’ awareness of children’s authors. It's being run by Chris Baker, who completed his SCITT with South Farnham SCITT in 2016. 
More detail is here, but in brief, the study is asking primary school teachers to complete a short survey, asking you how well you know a range of writers currently publishing work for children.

You can jump straight to the survey here. It takes 4-5 minutes and there are book-related prizes to be won for your school/class!
Thank you for supporting Chris - he’s not profiting from this in any way, it's just an issue he’s passionate about. If you share this with your colleagues and other teachers, Chris would be very grateful.