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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

SAfE Blog: Are you passionate about evidence informed learning?

Schools Alliance for Excellence (SAfE) have published his new blog. Have a look!

The value of impactful professional learning that is accredited in accordance with principles of high-quality learning, designed and delivered with expert providers, to quality assured processes lies at the heart of this blog’s message.

Follow the link below to read the blog. Please share this link with colleagues in school.  

Being passionate about evidence-informed learning: a personal SAfE learning journey with the Chartered College of Teaching | Schools Alliance for Excellence

 In accordance with these principles, in this blog Roxanne explains the development opportunities afforded to her personally and professionally, as she studied for the Chartered College of Teaching qualification. The blog signposts opportunities for further information about accreditation with CCT, through SAfE’s offer.

SAfE’s professional learning services are founded in our vision and values:​

  • to promote and celebrate high quality staff development and the integrity of the profession​
  • to develop the expertise and knowledge of teachers and leaders so they provide excellent education for all​
  • to present evidence and research to inform best practice​
  • to facilitate opportunities for teachers to collaborate​
  • to provide continuous professional learning pathways to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of teachers and school leaders at all stages of their career