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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Ofsted publish report looking at how PE is being taught in England’s schools

Ofsted has published a subject report looking at how physical education (PE) is being taught in England’s schools. 

The report evaluates the common features of PE in 25 primary schools and 25 secondary schools. It identifies strengths and areas for development in how pupils are taught the subject.

The report carries a series of recommendations for schools to consider. These include:

  • Making sure that the PE curriculum matches the breadth and ambition of the national curriculum for all pupils.
  • Making sure that the time in PE lessons is spent on developing pupils’ competence…so that they can secure prior learning and, importantly, build their confidence.
  • Choosing the most appropriate physical activities and sports, so that all pupils are well-supported to meet ambitious outcomes.
  • Supporting pupils SEND effectively so that they can access an ambitious curriculum and achieve well.

The report could be used as a reflection piece to reaffirm or modify your practice.