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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Computing Hubs

Our vision is for every child in every school in England to have a world-leading computing education.


What are Computing Hubs?

Computing Hubs aim to transform the way computing is taught in schools across the country – and enable more young people to benefit from studying this important subject. Through this, their skills and career opportunities will be enhanced.

Computing Hubs are led by schools and colleges across England with an exceptional track record in teaching computing. They deliver face-to-face courses and provide local support for teachers in primary and secondary schools in their area.

Where is your local Computing Hub?

How to contact your local Computing Hub

You can contact each of the regional curriculum hubs by following the links below (click on the logo):

The West Sussex and Hampshire Computing Hub at Bohunt School, Liphook

Contact Sanet Jonker

Hub Coordinator

The Computing Hub at Langley Grammar School, Slough

Contact Stacey Jenkins

Hub Lead

For the most up-to-date news and events, please click on the logos above to go to your local hub's website. Alternatively, click here for our events calendar.

Computing Hub resources, support and training for schools

Computing Hubs have provided a full curriculum that contains everything you need to teach computing at key stages 1 to 4, including lesson plans, slides, worksheets, homework and assessment.

All the content is completely free to access, and has been created by subject experts, based on the latest pedagogical research and teacher feedback. It also provides an innovative progression framework where computing content (concepts, knowledge, skills, and objectives) has been organised into interconnected networks called learning graphs. You can get an overall view of progression using the curriculum journey poster, or download individual key stage curriculum maps for more detail (click on the image below to access this):

Loan of physical kit for your school

NEW IN! Physical Computing Kits:

Looking to teach physical computing in your classroom next year but not sure where to start? Do you need free guidance, training, and access to the latest physical computing equipment? Get your hands on the latest technology and help your students learn how to build physical projects that are controlled with computers. All for free!

What is physical computing and how will it help me teach?

Physical computing means interacting with real-world objects by programming them with a computer. You can fulfil many areas of the computing curriculum at all key stages through physical computing, from the development of programming skills to more conceptual learning.

NCCE Hubs have physical computing kits in the form of classroom trays with either Crumble (×17 per tray), micro:bit (×17 per tray). Each tray contains a classroom's worth of devices, along with all the peripherals (such as LEDs, motors, wheels, and cables) needed to complete exciting units from the Teach Computing Curriculum.

Computing Hubs can provide your school with hardware help for the teaching of coding and computer-related subjects.

The hubs have class sets of the following devices available with all the peripherals you will need to teach a unit from the teachcomputing curriculum for loan:

The hubs can also provide CPD on how to use the physical kits. Please contact your local hub using the contact details provided above or use the form(s)/contact details below:

  • Langley Grammar School Hub in Slough (for schools in most of Berkshire and parts of northern Surrey) - click here
  • Bohunt School Hub (for schools in West Sussex and Hampshire). Contact the team to book a chat, demonstration and/or set of kits:

  • Park House School Computing Hub (for schools near or in Berkshire). Contact the team ( or click here.

More information can be found at Teach Computing.

Needs analysis/health check service for your school

The hubs can complete a one-hour review of your computing provision in your primary or secondary school and help you develop your computing curriculum through a needs analysis.

Take the opportunity to have a ‘Health check' where they can find out more about the delivery of computing in your school.

The hubs can generate a report that will identify how you can utilise the wider range of free support that they provide, including; CPD, mentoring, coaching, and resource lending.

  • Langley Grammar School Hub in Slough (for schools in most of Berkshire and parts of northern Surrey) - click here

Bohunt School Computing Hub - professional development opportunities and events

Courses available this half-term (Please click on the image below for more information):


In addition to these courses, West Sussex & Hampshire Computing Hub have a training course for the Computing Quality Framework available on request. For more information on this, schools can contact Susie McAuley at

GREAT DEVELOPMENT! Subject Knowledge Certificate: Computer Science Accelerator

GREAT DEVELOPMENT! Subject Knowledge Certificate:

Computer Science Accelerator is a professional development programme for teachers, funded by the Department for Education, leading to a national certificate in computer science subject knowledge.

The programme will help you develop or refresh your subject knowledge up to GCSE, with bursary funding available for state-funded schools and colleges to support your learning.

Who is eligible?

  • current and aspiring computing teachers
  • suitable for all abilities, from little or no experience in teaching computer science to experienced teachers looking to deepen their subject knowledge

Click to choose your pathway:



Training that has been delivered (or will be delivered again in the future but have no current dates) are listed below.

Safer Internet Day 2022 (8th February)

We are delighted to be sharing this year’s Safer Internet Day challenge resources – the topic this time is “All fun and games” with a focus on playing video games safely online.

Computing At School, SafeToNet and Digital Schoolhouse have come together to produce a pack of resources for teachers which assists pupils to design a video game.  This pack includes:

  • Activity plans
  • Four different activity worksheets in KS1, KS2 and KS3 formats
  • Links to additional resources and assemblies
  • Certificates to create a class or school challenge.

To access these free resources just head over to:

Online Safety Webinar

Join Shorifa Khanam, a Subject Matter Expert for the National Centre for Computing Education Programme. The webinar will look at key aspects of online safety for those working in schools and colleges, and explores the available resources to teach online safety to students.

Click here to register.

West Sussex and Hampshire Computing Hub at Bohunt School

Click on the images below to find out more:



Langley Grammar School Computing Hub



Park House Computing Hub - Primary professional development opportunities and events


Park House Computing Hub - Secondary professional development opportunities and events


Ofsted Deep Dive: How to prepare webinar

Join Phil Bagge, Hampshire computing inspector to explore OFSTED Deep Dives in primary computing. Make the most of all your hard work with an adaptable answer framework that helps you to organise your intent, implementation, and impact.

Click here to register.

Woking High Computing Hub - Free Computing Kit and Training (Primary & Secondary)

To register, please contact:

To register, please contact:

Woking High Computing Hub - Secondary CPD

To register, please contact:


Woking High Computing Hub - Primary CPD

To register, please contact: