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Early Career Teachers (ECF & Appropriate Body)

Induction Services for Independent Schools

In September 2021 the Department for Education made changes to the induction programme of newly qualified teachers or 'early career teachers' (ECTs). Although Independent Schools are not required to offer statutory induction to their ECTs, we know you will share our aspiration that every teacher, at every stage of their career, is supported and encouraged to not just stay in teaching, but to thrive, through high quality continual professional development.  

SFET Teaching School Hub's induction service offer to Independent Schools draws upon the best of regional support and expertise, the core induction programme for the Early Career Framework and reforms to statutory induction for new teachers.  

All early career teachers (ECTs) are entitled to a package of assessment, support and training underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF). Click here to register.


Full Early Career Induction Programme (support for Early Career Framework training and Appropriate Body services)

Our ‘Full Early Career Induction Programme’ incorporates both our Appropriate Body service and supports delivery of the core induction programme for the Early Career Framework (ECF) training.
£335 pa per early career teacher (ECT) registered
Early Career Framework
  • Support for Early Career Framework training for early career teachers (ECTs)
  • Online learning - making full use of the treasure trove of ECF resources, videos, exemplification of practice available online
  • Self-study materials for early career teachers
  • Regional expert facilitators - representing outstanding practice from schools across Hampshire and Surrey
Appropriate Body 
  • Registration of your ECTs (previously called NQTs) with the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA)
  • Primary and secondary delivery teams
  • Training on assessment processes and induction
  • Providing simple and school friendly assessment tools for school induction tutors to use
  • Monitoring assessment and progress of ECTs
  • Providing support and guidance as necessary -a dedicated team and administrator who will respond on the same day, where possible
  • Providing advice and guidance regarding the Early Career Framework aspect of induction
  • ECT Manager (paperless management system)
  • Quality assurance - making sure that we are offering the highest possible service 
  • Access to wealth of training and resources


Let SFET Teaching School Hub support you.