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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Module 2 - Changing Adolescent Body

Following on from our Introduction to Statutory RSHE 2020 webinar/Q&A and module one (Mental Health and Wellbeing), we are launching our next module, 'Changing Adolescent Body', in the format of a recorded session.  The link for this recording can be found by clicking here. There are also accompanying resources for the session at the bottom of this page.

Module two training will go through the primary and relevant secondary content as schools will have the flexibility to design and plan ‘age-appropriate subject content’. Puberty should be addressed before onset, ensuring all pupils are prepared for the changes that they and their peers will experience. The module will highlight good practice and the training will signpost resources and websites supporting your staff to deliver this important content.

Teaching about the adolescent body will cover:

  • Introducing puberty
  • Hormones and emotional/physical changes
  • Changes in boys and girls
  • Menstruation
  • Changes in sleep cycles

If you have any questions please contact us using

  1. 1_My Period_Primary School Teachers’ Guide. pdf
  2. My Period Primary Activity 1 True or False pdf
  3. My Period Primary Activity 2 Period Bingo pdf
  4. My Period Lesson 1 Changes pdf
  5. My Period Primary Lesson 2 Puberty pdf
  6. My Period Primary Lesson 3 Periods pdf
  7. My Period Primary Lesson 4 Period Products pdf
  8. My Period Primary Extra Related Medical Conditions pdf
  9. Puberty SEND Resources pdf
  10. Puberty With Body Pictures pdf
  11. Puberty Emotions pdf
  12. Rise Above Puberty Lesson Plan pdf
  13. SEND Puberty pdf
  14. Teaching About the Changing Adolescent Body pdf
  15. Teaching Puberty - You Can Do It Lesson Resources pdf
  16. The Puberty Issue Sex Education Forum pdf
  17. The Puberty Issue pdf
  18. Year 5 Puberty Resource Lucinda and Godfrey pdf
  19. Year 6 Puberty Resource Lucinda and Godfrey pdf
  20. My Period Learning Spiral and Curriculum Links pdf
  21. Advocates for youth - Tanner scale picture pdf
  22. Bodies Activity - changes during puberty pdf
  23. Busy Bodies Puberty pdf
  24. Endiometriosis is this normal leaflet pdf
  25. Feelings and emotions in puberty pdf
  26. Gender inclusive Puberty pdf
  27. Growing up what it is all about FPA pdf
  28. Healthy Bodies pdf
  29. How does your body change worksheets pdf
  30. Lesson Five - Periods Being Prepared pdf
  31. Lesson Three Activity Sheets pdf
  32. Lesson 3 PowerPoint Slides pdf
  33. Menstruation true and false pdf
  34. Pain Symptoms Diary pdf
  35. Period Presentation pdf
  36. Periods Info Sheet pdf
  37. Preparing for my Period pdf
  38. Puberty - Boys pdf
  39. Puberty - Girls pdf
  40. Puberty changes cards pdf
  41. Puberty changes in me pdf
  42. Puberty info teachers guide pdf
  43. Drug & Alcohol Education —Teacher Guidance_0 pdf